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Aug 31st:

Audio recording of Billy’s show link 1, Link 2 via dropbox

Billy thanks those who came to he show from around the world

Part 2 interview with Billy Corgan

Review of last night Billy Corgan show with Setlist

VIDEO: Rehearsal  “Of a Broken Heart”

VIDEO: Purr Snickety VIP Show

Aug 29th:

PIC: BC spinning records at Zuzu’s

PIC: Billy rehersasing with Ex Cops

Aug 28th:

Interview with Billy Corgan in the Chicago Tribune

AUDIO: Listen to Puff Daddy’s remix of AVA ADORE

Aug 27th:

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Billy interview with The Rock N Roll Radio Program part 1 (BC says they won’t play more shows like Ravinia soon due to new album)

Billy talks with the Sun-Times

SPN: Billy announces winner of setlist contest

Aug 26th:

SPN: VIDEO Billy plays TO FORGIVE on piano, and also gives an update on new album

20+ minute video of tea(s) talk w/ BC, Jeff and tea supplier

Aug 25th:

New tea video with BC & Jeff coming soon

Another call out for WPC to do the ALS challenge. 

Matt Walker talks about the Adore reissue and Chicago Song documentary

Aug 23rd:

30 min Billy Corgan audio interview by Dynasty Podcast

Aug 21st:

PR: “The Real Thing” tapping of Billy’s unscripted show.

SPN: Billy Corgan to play Methuselah at upcoming show (despite its difficult subject)

Aug 20th:

Billy Corgan interview (quotes only)

Guitar Center interview from last year

Aug 19th:

Indepth interview w/ Billy Corgan (reveals next album expected to be released Dec 9th)

Lowest price for Adore reissue now $72.42 and about $1.99 for shipping

Another LOWER price via Sears for the Adore reissue $78.25 w/ free shipping

New lowest price for Adore reissue $84.98 w/ free shipping

Aug 18th:

Memorabilia Monday reflects on Starchildren

Billy Corgan has been nominated by a Cubs pitcher to take the Ice Bucket challenge for ALS

Win TAFH on vinyl

Aug 16th:

BC plays “Honestly” with a fan singing

Aug 15th:

Billy Corgan talks with the Chicagoist about his upcoming show and more

VIP Package available for Rivana show

Aug 14th:

VIDEO: Billy Corgan plays unreleased song “Chicago”, “Today” & “Disarm”

Aug 13th:

Billy Corgan post more details about his upcoming Ravinia show

Cheapest Adore Super Deluxe for Canadians courtesy of Deckard

Swan is practicing bass to play with Billy Corgan

Adore reissue promo video

Aug 12th:

Fill out an application for PAWS Chicago by Aug 27th to get free tickets for a Billy Corgan’s Ravinia show

Adore Super Deluxe on sale for $85.49 + free shipping

Poster for Ravinia show

Aug 11th:

Adore version of “Let Me Give The World To You” premieres on YouTube

Billy did an interview for Illinois Entertainer x Dynasty Podcast

JC sighting

Aug 8th:

Zuzu’s adds more signed items to it store

Alt Nation review of Adore reissue

Aug 6th:

Last AEGEA email update 

Aug 5th:

Zuzu’s selling old SP records at its store

JC & Frank Catalano on WGN

Alt Nation to review the Adore reissue in a few days

Limited number of AEGEA 3rd prints now on sale

Aug 4th:

New “Memorabilia Monday” post reveals future releases.

Jimmy Chamberlin/Frank Catalano Love Supreme Collective CD Release Party

Video of Billy’s AEGEA release party including Q&A

Aug 3rd:

Billy spotted at thrift store

BC with Cherri Bomb member

Aug 1st:

Still want a copy of AEGEA sign up for the subscription before Aug 5th